Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Visiting Santa....

So it turns out that this year Santa came to visit our local Bass Pro Shop.  Getting ourselves there was slightly complicated and involved sending Kent and Kaden an hour early to get tickets so we could have a good place in line.  So, after much rearranging of cars and schedules and waiting in line...Kaden and Maddie got to see Santa.  Of course there was plenty to look at/shop for and do in the store before we actually saw him.  They rode the free carousel, played on all the boats, played with trains, race cars and more.  Maddie saw a tinkerbell fishing pole and decided that is now the thing she most wants for Christmas.  So, after not wanting a fishing pole ever before, she got on Santa's lap and proudly announced that a Tinkerbell fishing pole is what she most wants for Christmas.  (And thanks to some Bass pro shop points we have earned, Santa will be obliging!)  Kaden stuck to his same story of the last few months and told Santa he wants a robot.

The trip was only mildly stressful for the adults, but the kids loved it...and that's really all that matters.  

Trouble pants stayed at home, but here are a couple recent pics of her.

Christmas is approaching fast, but we are pretty well organized and so excited for some of our special visitors to come into town.  We will post some pictures of the Christmas excitement when we get organized. Allie is more mobile and into more things every day.  She now thinks it's funny to stand on the tables...which is making our lives just a tad more exciting.

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